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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd aci.c at.c schema_init.c schemaparse.c slap.h syntax.c

Kurt Zeilenga wrote:

> Kind of in right vein, but a bit off.
> An attribute of syntax X can only be a subtype of an attribute of syntax
> Y if Y is a more generic syntax.  In particular, all abstract values
> representable in X must be representable in Y.
> While both printable string and directory string syntaxes are more generic
> than country string, directory string is not more generic than printable
> string.  This is because printable string can represent zero length
> character strings and directory string cannot.
> So, what needed, for each syntax, is a list of more generic syntaxes.

Sure.  I'm a bit rusty with details of syntaxes, and I got misled by
some "printable" 'round which probably referred to "generically being
printable" rather than "based on Printable Syntax".  I'll rework that.


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