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sb_sasl_write short-count bug?


Consider the sb_sasl_write function:

    341 static ber_slen_t
    342 sb_sasl_write( Sockbuf_IO_Desc *sbiod, void *buf, ber_len_t len)
    343 {
    352     /* Are there anything left in the buffer? */
    353     if ( p->buf_out.buf_ptr != p->buf_out.buf_end ) {
    354         ret = ber_pvt_sb_do_write( sbiod, &p->buf_out );
    391     ret = ber_pvt_sb_do_write( sbiod, &p->buf_out );
    393     /* return number of bytes encoded, not written, to ensure
    394      * no byte is encoded twice (even if only sent once).
    395      */
    396     return len;
    397 }

This optimistically returns the len supplied. If ber_pvt_sb_do_write
returns a short-count then data will be left in the p->buf_out. The
remaining data will not be written until the next sb_sasl_write call which
may not happen. I have not observed a problem but just from examining
the logic I thought I might say something.

Is this bug?

Would putting ber_pvt_sb_do_write in a loop do any good?