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Re: cn=include

Michael Ströder wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
Eric Irrgang wrote:
1) the behavior is different
2) the slapd.conf to cn=config conversion sucks in the relevant
information anyway
3) use of includes is inappropriate under cn=config
is it maybe time for the slap* tools stop creating cn=Includes?
The conversion creates them to document their existence. In fact after a
conversion, when slapd starts up from a slapd.d, the cn=Include records
are ignored.

Howard, I also think this is confusing. I'd propose to drop cn=Includes completely. There is no point to document their existence since, as you explained, the order is not preserved.

I'll look at it. It would be nice to get everything in HEAD to settle down so we can kick out another 2.4 alpha.

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