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Re: commit: ldap/tests/scripts test049-sync-config defines.sh

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:

For anyone curious, this test shows how to use back-config and syncrepl to dynamically configure and populate a server.


Two stub entries (cn=config and olcdatabase=config,cn=config) are slapadded

I guess it would be possible to start also with a minimal slapd.conf containing just some schema and some

database config
rootpw secret

or so, right? Maybe this is more intuitive, and could be tested too.

If you mean, start with minimal slapd.conf, converted with -f/-F, yes that would certainly work. Starting with a slapd.conf and not converting it would be somewhat pointless, as none of the subsequent actions would be saved to any file.

Anyway, I didn't think the conversion case was very interesting, the conversion is known to always work. I wanted to test starting from a minimal LDIF because I wanted to test the creation of defaults for omitted entries (cn=schema, olcdatabase=frontend). Those entries are always automatically created for you during a conversion, so there's nothing to test there.
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