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Re: rootdn -> admindn?

Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>>Almost anything short of
>>"rootdnThatAppliesOnlyToThisBackendAndNotToAnythingElseInYourOS" is
>>going to require a bit of interpretation in the documentation, and it's
>>intuitively obvious (if not always properly understood) that slapd
>>configuration configures slapd, not *ix nor the universe at large.
> That's far from obvious to a number of LDAP beginner who just wants
> to set up LDAP and get it to work.  The learning curve is fairy steep,
> so many seem to skim the doc a bit too fast.

If they skim the docs too fast more aliases for config key-words won't
help! That's an major mistake. One shouldn't try to work around this

I'm against more key-words which need more explaining. Note that there
are lots of sample configs floating around. If you introduce aliases
which key-words should they use? It causes more confusion than it helps.

Ciao, Michael.