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Re: Notice of disconnection

Howard Chu wrote:
Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
Ah, actually I think you can use the retcode overlay to produce a disconnect result.
Not sure: the notice of disconnect is a specific response message which has 0 msgid, while slapo-retcode can return arbitrary response codes within a response message that's generated in response to a specific request, using the frontend's response calls, and thus with the request's msgid. I don't think there's any chance to cleanly return a response with a msgid of 0, unless the frontend's code is hacked.

OK, never mind. I was thinking that if you configured the overlay to return a SLAPD_DISCONNECT code it would send a response to the actual request and then the frontend would send a separate Disconnect message. However, this will fail with an assert() because you can't send SLAPD_DISCONNECT thru send_ldap_result().

Should work fine in HEAD retcode.c 1.25.

Simply returning SLAPD_DISCONNECT to the frontend is enough to cause it to send the disconnect message to the client.

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