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Re: HEAD and connection speed

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
I've been twiddling around with HEAD, since it supports BDB 4.5 and OL 2.3 doesn't, and noticed that when I do speed tests, HEAD is 66% slower than 2.3 (+ my patches from HEAD for connections). This seems interesting to me, since my connection code is largely from HEAD. In 2.3, I get 15,000+ auths/second on my 64 bit test systems, but with straight HEAD code, I only get 5,000 auths/second.

In both cases, the lightweight dispatcher code is enabled. Any thoughts on what else may be affecting HEAD? The configuration is very simple, just a small 250k bdb database.

I'm not seeing any slowdown against back-null, so it would seem to be BDB or back-bdb related.

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