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distproc and chaining


I am currently trying to add some functionality to the distproc-overlay 
(should implement draft-sermersheim-ldap-distproc some day). For this I have 
been able to adapt the chain-overlay so that it is able to sent the 
ChainedRequest Extended Operation to the target server. On the target server 
I am able to decode the ChainedRequest and extract the original 
OperationRequest from it. (That was the easy part I guess :-))

Now I am wondering what would be the best way to inject that original 
OperationRequest onto the target server. Currently I initialize a (fake) 
connection with connection_fake_init(), register a response_callback and feed 
the originalRequest (still undecoded) directly into the do_*() functions 
(e.g. in case the originalRequest is of LDAP_REQ_MODIFY I call do_modify() 
directly). Is this the correct way of doing things, or am I abusing things 
here in ways that they weren't intended for? Is there a better way to feed 
the original request into the target server?

BTW, is somebody else working on that code currently? I'd like try to avoid 
double/unneeded work.


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