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Re: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/back-ldap back-ldap.h chain.c init.c proto-ldap.h

Right :(  Sorry.  You'll need to wait a few hours, unfortunately.  I'm
disabling the monitoring by now.

On a related note, right now back-ldap (when monitoring is enabled; it's
disabled by default) installs a child entry with RDN "cn=Connections"
which is supposed to have one-level children detailing the status of each
cached connecton (todo).  The "Connections" entry contains an attribute
that contains the current URI list; this is updated whenever the URI
sequence is changed by libldap in reaction to a connection failure.  The
attribute can also be manually modified via a modify:replace operation to
change the URI list in a non-persistent manner (i.e. back-config is not

There have been work to exploit this feature with slapo-chain, but right
now it's disabled, because there are a couple of issues to solve.  BTW,
I'm having issues also with the dynamic configuration of slapo-chain which
I will discuss later, if there's time.


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