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Re: revised lightweight dispatcher

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
I've committed a revised lightweight dispatcher.
Aside from various cleanups (no suspend flags),
the main difference is writers are now spun out
into separate threads.  Also, readers now spawn
operation threads instead of performing the
operation itself.  This is to reduce the clear
read flag handling.

Initial tests show this revision performs
reasonably well.

I see it still uses the lazy semaphore code, so the listener thread can still be blocked and prevented from runnning the idletimeout checker.

The looping problem I referred to earlier appears to have been minimized. I still see one or two extra wakeups on the read event, but it doesn't seem to be a runaway condition any more.

Obviously there is still a race condition between the time the listener kicks off the read/write handler and when it goes back to select/epoll. If the handler hasn't performed enough I/O on the descriptor yet, the event will fire again.

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