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malloc & free functions

I'm getting lost in all the malloc and free functions...
When is one supposed to use which function?  When does it matter?

  ber_memalloc(), ber_memfree(),
  LBER_FREE(), LBER_MALLOC() -defined as the two above,
  ber_memalloc_x(), ber_memfree_x() - as as above but with ctx parameter,
  LDAP_FREE(), LDAP_MALLOC() plus _X variants,
  ch_malloc, ch_free() - also as above,
  slap_sl_malloc(), slap_sl_free() - separate slapd allocator.

E.g. liblber/decode.c often uses ber_memalloc_x(,ber->ber_memctx) to
allocate but then frees that memory with LBER_FREE() which does not
use a ctx.  Should the free use ber->ber_memctx again?  Or not, since
ber_set_option(,LBER_OPT_BER_MEMCTX,) can change a ber_memctx and
slapd uses it sometimes?

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