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Re: back-config design considerarions - Admin Guide fodder

Michael Ströder wrote:
 Michael Ströder wrote:
> If I'm using option -f slapd.conf and -F configdir/ together which
> config data is authorative? [..] My conclusion: Drop -f slapd.conf
> completely in 2.3.x and rather develop good setup tools...

Well, same question for file DB_CONFIG and attribute 'olcDbConfig'...

Yes, I guess this needs some clarification too.

At server startup, if a DB_CONFIG file exists, it is read in, and any olcDbConfig attributes are overridden.
If the DB_CONFIG file does not exist, then it is created and the olcDbConfig attributes are written to it.

During runtime, any changes to olcDbConfig are written to the DB_CONFIG file. Any changes that may have occurred to the DB_CONFIG file (due to manual editing) are lost.

Of course, changes to DB_CONFIG only take effect when the environment is opened (and some changes only take effect when the environment is recreated, like set_cachesize), and the back-bdb code doesn't force either of these two events to occur when the olcDbConfig attributes are LDAPModified. We already have support for reopening the environment, perhaps that should be invoked here. (It is currently reopened if the olcDbDirectory is modified.)

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