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Re: olcDefaultSearchBase: value #0: <olcDefaultSearchBase> invalid DN 21 (Invalid syntax)

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
[moved to -devel]

This appears to be a design flaw in back-config; it is trying to parse
that DN before it has loaded the core schema and so does not have the
"dc" definition yet. Please submit this information to the OpenLDAP ITS.

- load all DN valued fields before schema as strings and normalize at end? - condition DN normalization/pretty after schema initialization? (but: how to tell DN normalization that schema is ready?) - add a config root entry that contains no data, and move the data of the olcGlobal to a child of it that is loaded after schema?
In this instance we may be able to do something simpler, and only move the olcDefaultSearchBase attribute out of the olcGlobal object, as it appears to be the only thing in olcGlobal that depends on runtime-loaded schema. Moving it to the frontendDB object may be the most convenient solution.

There's another workaround here, since the olcGlobal object also allows schema definitions - just insert the required olcAttributeTypes definitions in the global object before the olcDefaultSearchbase attribute. That of course means the relevant attributeTypes must be commented out of any later occurrences. And as the code sorts the attributes before parsing them, we'll have to patch the olcGlobal definition in bconfig.c to put the schema attributes ahead of olcDefaultSearchBase.

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