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Re: Corrupted dsw and dsp files??

Hi Luca,

You seem to have figured this one out.

Where are the .dsp's ? I only found the 'main.dsw' and that was only in 'openldap-2.3.4.gz' (build dir).
There was not even a main.dsw in the stable 2.2.26 download that I could find.

What directory were the .dsp files in and what package did you download to get them?

Btw, the FAQ pages show that later versions of WinZip will get the CRLF correct so you dont have to unix2dos them.



Simon McMahon

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>>> luca regini <luca.regini@gmail.com> 07/19/05 08:26pm >>>
Sorry for the previous post which was saying a WRONG thing. Actually the dsp 
were there: they were removed by the Visual Studio IDE on rejecting the file 
as corrupted.
I also find the REAL reason for Ms visual studio complaining about corrupted 
files: a run of unix2dos on all .dsw and .dsp files solves the problem and the project is correctly loaded. It seems that MS visual studio 
2003 rejects Unix text files, don't know if also VisualC 6.0 behaves the 

 On 7/19/05, luca regini <luca.regini@gmail.com> wrote: 
> Actually the real reason is that the dsw has references to dsp files that > doesn't exist in the package. How could it be??? I wonder if someone has > ever built the software using this .dsw. I must build it under windows, so 
> i'll try to build it myself and then i'll provide back a correct dsw file. 
> Hope to find some help if things go wrong. 
>  Thanks in advance,
> Luca
>   On 7/18/05, Kurt D. Zeilenga <Kurt@openldap.org> wrote: 
> > 
> > Likely you either aren't using a tool which properly
> > extracts the files... or are using too new a version 
> > of MSVC... or maybe the files are broke. Not like
> > we seriously maintain this port.
> > 
> > Kurt
> > 
> > At 12:27 PM 7/18/2005, luca regini wrote:
> > >I just downloaded a copy of the OpenLdap distribution and tried to 
> > compile 
> > >it using visual studio .Net 2003.
> > >The compiler complains about corruption of .dsw and .dsp files.
> > >Please note that downloading the package from different sites doesn't > > solve
> > >this issue.
> > > Thanks in advance, 
> > >Luca
> > 
> > 

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