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Re: Corrupted dsw and dsp files??

At 09:29 AM 7/19/2005, luca regini wrote:
>Actually the real reason is that the dsw has references to dsp files that doesn't exist in the package. How could it be??? I wonder if someone has ever built the software using this .dsw. I must build it under windows, so i'll try to build it myself and then i'll provide back a correct dsw file. Hope to find some help if things go wrong. 

I think the preferred way of building under Windows 32 is to
use MINGW32.  See the FAQ for details.

>Thanks in advance,
>On 7/18/05, Kurt D. Zeilenga <<mailto:Kurt@openldap.org>Kurt@openldap.org> wrote: 
>Likely you either aren't using a tool which properly
>extracts the files... or are using too new a version 
>of MSVC... or maybe the files are broke.  Not like
>we seriously maintain this port.
>At 12:27 PM 7/18/2005, luca regini wrote:
>>I just downloaded a copy of the OpenLdap distribution and tried to compile 
>>it using visual studio .Net 2003.
>>The compiler complains about corruption of .dsw and .dsp files.
>>Please note that downloading the package from different sites doesn't solve
>>this issue.
>> Thanks in advance,