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Slapi loggin

Attached to this letter, a patch to current cvs of the code, which aimed to improve slapi logging facility.
slapi_log_error is processed as ldap-debug message of LDAP_DEBUG_SLAPI level
Then, several debug statements are added to slap/slapdi/plugin.c
(Hope they'll help on to avoid confusions, when trying to add slapi- plugins to slapd)

Also, please note, that if slapd is compiled with SLAPD_MODULES defined, than one can put slapi plugins in directory pointed by modulepath. But if one to configure slapd with slapi, but without modules, this option will have no effect.
Do you think it's reasonable, to enable this option when slapd compiled with slapi, but without modules?

Best, Nikita

Attachment: slapi-log.diff
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