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Re: access given to parent entry

> Hi,
> I know that it is possible to give access on an entry to its parent (or
> grand-parent) entry, but it needs to write awful access control rules
> based on regular expressions.
> But is it planned to implement a "by parent write" syntax ?
> We could also imagine "by parent[3] write", which would mean "access is
> given to the parent of the parent of the parent of the entry"
> I would find it very useful and elegant.

To make it short, "by self[n] write", recycling the "self" clause, or
"ancestor[n]", with "self" given by n=0 and "parent" given by n=1?

I'm trying to figure out if anything like a range, or a set of branch
levels could be worth the effort...


Pierangelo Masarati

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