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Re: back-config, includes

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:


the reason I'm not routinely replyin to your messages bout bak-config is
essentially due to th fact that I couldn't invesigte the code deeply
enough to have a sufficient insight into the scope of your design.  In
principle, I find your suggestions completely reasonable (at least, I dont
have any better ideas ;).

One point is that I don't quite understand yet how much is alredy
implemented nd how much i yet to come in terms of funtionalities.

At this point it's still pretty limited; I haven't implemented any LDAP write operations yet.

If the configdir exists, it will get populated with an LDIF form of the slapd.conf. All of the frontend config parameters are now supported, and all of the back-bdb/hdb and back-ldif parameters are as well. All included schema files are converted to LDIF as described in my previous post. If you do a search against cn=config you should see everything.

It is now possible to run slapd using just the configdir instead of the slapd.conf file; all of the LDIF is reloaded and produces a runnable setup. (You have to change the "#if 0 /* not yet */" line in bconfig.c to "#if 1" otherwise it will still look for and parse the slapd.conf file.)

I think the next step will be to implement LDAPadd; it should be safe to add just about anything - schema, databases, overlays, include files...

The fact that the backendDB array is realloc'd as new backends are opened is a problem, I think this will need to be a linked list instead.

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