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Re: 2.3.1alpha and ACL set matching

Pierangelo Masarati writes:
> The point is that we don't know the attribute type of literals, and sets
> are intended to match etherogeneous strings as well, as far as they
> resolve to some string representation.

Does this imply that sets do remember the attribute types of values
fetched from the directory?

> I guess case-insensitive match might be a good trade-off, although
> case-sensitive match might be desirable in few cases...

I expect case-insensitive is the best choice.  I don't think I've ever
needed to know whether normalized values are uppercase or lowercase.
One must use the normalized value with dn.regex too, except that IIRC
that is case-insensitive.

Still, one could have a <set>.normalize(attributeType) operation
if or when someone needs to match a case-sensitive attribute.

BTW, this reminds me: we ought to document what the normalized form of
the various attribute types are, and maybe make a tool which normalizes
input values according to a specified attribute type.