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Re: Wishes for set ACLs

Luke Howard wrote:

We actually only use one locker ID per thread. But, the txn pointer does need to be propagated, and looking thru HEAD acl.c:aci_set_gather() I see this isn't happening there, so this is a problem for sets. I think I can fix this pretty easily.

Thanks for the fix. I've been finally able to get a deadlock, which is not addressed by your fix because more than one thread is involved. Suggestions about how to fix it?

We have seen deadlocks in our ACL plugin, too (it does a bunch of
internal searches).

Well, the fix that Howard just suggested, which is now in HEAD/2.3 (should not affect 2.2, because ACL checking of userPassword values was introduced recently when addressing ITS#3446) may help in solving your problems, unless you noted the deadlocks with 2.2 only. I suggest you try it in any case.


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