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Re: back-bdb IDL limitations

David Boreham wrote:

    A transaction begins and commits on a cluster boundary as well. If
    something bad happens in the middle of slapadding, the database
    will remain intact up to the previous cluster commit. I don't see
    this as a limitation as long as the administrator is given the
    information on the point his/her slapadd progressed to and as long
    as the cluster size is not too large.

I see. I missed the point that this was for slapadd. I thought you
were descibing a mechanism that would be used for regular
LDAP operation processing (ADD, MOD...). I don't think you
need transactions (nor locking) in slapadd.

Agreed. The '-q' quick flag for slapadd in 2.3 turns off transactions and locking. It makes things quite a bit more tolerable for large bulk loads...

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