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Now that I've got all of the frontend and back-bdb config keywords implemented (read-only) I'd appreciate some feedback on the schema etc. before moving ahead to doing the write operations.

Having gone thru all of this config stuff, a lot of other ideas came to mind:

slurpd replica configuration should probably have both an included and excluded attrs list, like syncrepl does. It would greatly simplify the exclusion processing in repl.c. Also, deleting the an_oc_exclude flag from the AttributeName structure would simplify things too.

I wonder if replication (syncrepl and slurpd) directives should be in their own objects, subordinate to the database object.

I find writing schemas unbearable without using OID macros. It would be nice to use them more overtly, using unqualified names (e.g., DirectoryString instead of my current OMsDirectoryString).

Some of the back-config retrieval functions will no-op if they're in their default values, but many of them just return a value, default or not. The goal was to to return only as much text as would have been in the slapd.conf file originally, but more consistency would probably be better here.

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