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syncrepl ramblings again

This might be a nice project for someone: turn syncrepl provider support into an overlay.
Right now the code and data necessary to support it are scattered across a lot of files, and tiny changes (like be_context_csn) are hard to keep coordinated, easy to get lost.
At least Persistent Search should be provided as an overlay, and it would be useful across many other backend types.
In back-bdb we really don't need the last committed CSN to be stored in a real database entry, we could just search for the greatest CSN at startup time. We could store it at shutdown time, but for the most part it would be better as a memory-only virtual entry.
The actual search operations that are associated with the syncrepl control aren't "special", they can be performed using a regular search with an appropriately constructed filter. At least, it appears to me that they are not intimately tied to the workings of the database.

Overall I would like to see some more consolidation of this code, and all references to CSNs encapsulated into a component (i.e. an overlay) that is optional instead of hardcoded as it is now. This isolation would help reduce the chance of breakage that is rampant right now whenever some other sturcture definition changes...

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