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openldapaci versus userCertificate;binary


In the current releases i am not able to set an attribute list including 
attributes like cACertificate;binary or userCertificate;binary for example.
Leaving the ;binary type away in the openldapaci attribute list, has the 
effect that the requested attributnames won't match together.
Otherwise the ';' hurts the openldapaci syntax and the whole aci definition 
doesn't work.

Is there a solution/fix to the problem which comes with this scenario?

My idea for a workaround is to patch the source code that the definition 
userCertificate:binary in the aci attribute list will match against 

I don't know if it would make more sense that a attribute definition without 
the ;binary type in the aci object should match. 

The first example won't break no rules (afaik).