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Re: access consistency to "entry"

At 02:31 AM 12/22/2003, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>The recent debate about ACLs, docs and more
>made be google thru the sources to update
>slap.access(5); I have a couple of doubts:
>for consistency with other operations, I wonder
>if bind and compare should respectively
>have "auth" and "compare" access to "entry"
>prior to "userPassword" and the attribute to
>be compared.

Add, Delete, Rename, and Search all require
"entry" to act upon the entry.  Bind, Compare, Modify
don't.  This is because the action is send to be
upon the entry's content, not the entry itself.
The search case shows the distinction the best as
one can return the entry without any content.

Call the current behavior historical if you like...
we shouldn't change it.  (Bind at one time required
"auth" for entry, it was a pain.)