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Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
OK, that's a problem - at least in theory, since I've never heard
anyone complain that they can't use zero octets in passwords.
But I still don't think sufficient reason to deprecate it.
It's useful in most cases, and when it is useful, it works fine.

unicodePwd contains lots of zeros (about half of its length ;)

But you won't send the credentials as UTF-16-LE encoded string in the simple bind request. Even with M$ AD you have to send textual passwords as UTF-8 encoded Unicode.

As I understand Kurt if you're deploying a proprietary simple bind mechanism which uses NULL chars you're lost with ldap_simple_bind().

Still I also believe ldap_sasl_bind() is misnamed if it should be used for simple bind from now on.

Ciao, Michael.