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Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
Well, the reason I put everything marked "deprecated" behind
LDAP_DEPRECATED instead of just a few things was to get some
input on precisely what should and shouldn't be behind the
LDAP_DEPRECATED flag and to turn the discussion around a bit.
I that is, I rather have API users make arguments as to why
this or that should not be behind LDAP_DEPRECATED instead of
having API maintainers make arguments as why this or that
should be behind LDAP_DEPRECATED.  It should be clear that
maintainers don't like maintaining more than they have to.

I perfectly understand your motivation. But this is a big change!

(I was also curious to how long it would take before some
bitched.  Sometimes I wonder how much "real" testing goes
on when requested. :-)

You should have announced this more prominently. It does not only affect the OpenLDAP project itself.

Ciao, Michael.