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Re: saslAuthz{To|From}

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
At 07:58 AM 12/13/2003, Randall S. Winchester wrote:

My comment would be that for a multi-domain site, a uid can include a
FQDN, like u:jane@janedoe.com.

Which is precisely why using @ as a realm separator is a bad idea.
We need to support the userid "jane@janedoe.com" existing in multiple

Yes.  I'm going to fix the slap_sasl_getdn() code as well,
and we need to figure out a syntax to specify realm (and
possibly mechanism) in "u:<user>" form.  What about:





in case either is absent?

The syntax would be


In this case we don't need to mind about
realm allowing dots "." because only
a semicolon ";" or a colon ":" would terminate it


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