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Re: CertificateExactMatch for the ldap HEAD branch (ITS#2719/ITS#2771).

El sáb, 18-10-2003 a las 20:33, Mark Ruijter escribió:
> The openssl routines that I tried (0.9.6 and higher) handle serials 
> longer the 32 bit like
> 102199425239041956261964087300121083924 without problems.

Good.  I did not find any that could.  I'll look at your code, I had to
do something similar a few months ago and I pretended the problem did
not exist and just looked the other way :-)

> Are there even longer / stranger serials then these around?

I don't know. Our new root certificate has a serial with 128 bits.  That
seems in the same ballpark as the one you quoted above.  It is the
craziest thing I have seen.