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Re: submitting Apple modifications

At 05:55 PM 10/9/2003, Jason Townsend wrote:
>I'm working on submitting Apple's modifications to OpenLDAP back to the community.

Great!  Be sure to adhere to the contributing guidelines

>Is there any interest in merging our changes into OpenLDAP 2.1.x?

Until we see the change, we can't say their is interest in
merging the change HEAD, let alone 2.1. 

>At the moment I'm assuming that there will be no more 2.1.x releases so I've been working on merging the changes into 2.2/HEAD.

More 2.1 releases can be expected...  (and soon).

>If desired I could provide patches against 2.1.22 as well.

No point in that just yet.  Better to wait until after the
patch (with or without changes) has been accepted into HEAD.
Then, depending on issue being addressed, a determination
will be made whether to backport to 2.1 and how.  In most
cases the backport is done by the release engineer.