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RE: commit: ldap/servers/slapd/back-bdb back-bdb.h cache.c dn2id.c proto-bdb.h

>> (gdb) p cx->ei->bei_kids[0]
>> $15 = {avl_data = 0x82d2798, avl_bf = 0, avl_left = 0x0,
>> avl_right = 0x0}
>> If I read this correctly, "ou=links" has no children in the
>> AVL tree, even
>> though it actually should have one child ("ou=off.padl.com",
>> as it happens).
>No, this record shows that "ou=links" has one child. Otherwise the bei_kids
>pointer would be NULL. Also bei_ckids = 1, which indicates that one child is
>in the cache. (bei_dkids = 2 is the number of kids on-disk, off-by-one
>because the node itself is included in the count.)

OK, here's another interesting datum: the first search works, and subsequent
searches fail. Sounds like some kind of cache is getting polluted?

I'll dig further...

-- Luke