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Re: SLAPI support is a pain

>As I filed ITS#2747 it struck me that we'll be having to take SLAPI into
>account in too many different places. It shouldn't be this way, this is going
>to get out of hand fast. It would really be a good idea to identify all the
>kinds of hooks we want to support for SLAPI and provide a single point of
>access to them, so we don't have to worry about this kind of oversight down
>the road.

Certainly, as long as we can avoid too many regressions :-)

>Since my take on SLAPI plugins at this point is that they are always
>associated with a particular backend, it makes sense to me to encapsulate
>their invocation in a slapd overlay, so that the SLAPI code only intrudes
>when it's actually configured by an admin.

There can be global SLAPI plugins. In fact, we don't use any per-backend
SLAPI plugins at all, only global plugins -- these apply to all backends.

Backend-specific plugins take precedence.

-- Luke