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RE: commit: ldap/servers/slapd bind.c

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> From: Luke Howard [mailto:lukeh@PADL.COM]

> A SLAPI bind plugin can return 1 to indicate that it has
> authoritatively handled the bind; this has no symbolic value
> and was intended to be handled as the default case.
> This is not intuitive but hey... that's the API for you.
> Can we make doPluginFNs() return SLAPI_BIND_SUCCESS in the
> case of no plugins? I'll take a look...


I'm thinking the SLAPI operation layer should be wrapped inside an overlay.
Then it will only enter the code path if it's been explicitly configured for
a particular backend. All of these conditionals in the frontend are starting
to get in the way, and the fact that it alters default slapd behavior even
when no plugins are loaded is really annoying.

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