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RE: Making the original authcid available to plugins

I've often thought it would be useful to keep the authcid around,
particularly to allow multiple proxy authorizations to occur over a single
session. It may also be useful for auditing purposes to log somewhere that an
operation was performed via a proxy vs the actual user. Beyond that, I
haven't really thought about the implications...

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> A plugin we've developed needs access to the original authentication
> identity, because certain operations are handled differently if they
> come from a trusted entity acting on behalf of a user (for example,
> a replica proxying a password change) rather than the user itself.
> At present we're using the rather ugly hack of retrieving the SASL
> context (SLAPI_X_CONN_SASL_CONTEXT), retrieving SASL_AUTHUSER from
> that, and then applying analogous rules to the SASL regex transforms
> to turn it into a DN.
> It would be more efficient (avoiding an extra search, and alignment
> of code with SASL authorization policies) if the original authcid,
> after mapping to a DN, was not disposed of, and thus could be
> exposed through SLAPI.
> Thoughts?
> -- Luke