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Re: OpenLDAP Licenseing issues

At 09:13 PM 5/27/2003, Steve Langasek wrote:
>I am assuming that all files without copyright statements are
>effectively under the OpenLDAP Public License.

As Executive Director of The OpenLDAP Foundation, let me state
that I believe your assumption to be incorrect.  OpenLDAP
Software is a combined, derived work.  The COPYRIGHT file
contained in the distribution details terms which apply to
the work as a whole.  The foundation generally regards the
University of Michigan (U-Mich) to have significant rights
to OpenLDAP Software as the primary copyright holder of the
original U-Mich LDAP software distribution from OpenLDAP
Software is derived.

There were a number of files in U-Mich LDAP software distribution
which contained no notice or a notice with no license statement.
The OpenLDAP Foundation considers each of these files to be
copyright by U-Mich and subject to the license which U-Mich provided
in the U-Mich LDAP distribution.  A copy of that license remains
in the COPYRIGHT file now distributed with OpenLDAP Software.

And, as stated in the OpenLDAP COPYRIGHT file, some files may
be subject to additional restrictions.

The OpenLDAP Foundation makes no assertion of compatibility or
incompatibility between terms placed upon OpenLDAP Software by
its copyright holders and terms placed upon other works by
their copyright holders which OpenLDAP Software may be combined

The OpenLDAP Foundation suggests that anyone redistributing
software consult with legal counsel before doing so.  Nothing in
this message should be construed as legal advice.

-- Kurt Zeilenga, Executive Director, The OpenLDAP Foundation.