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Re: I want to turn off support for debug output

I'm tired of trying to maintain both old and new logging.
I'd like us to either move to NEW_LOGGING or drop it.
Thoughts on which way we should go?


PS: I have no concerns with regards to your suggestions below.
At 04:44 AM 5/15/2003, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
>I thought ./configure --disable-debug was supposed to turn off support
>for debug output by causing LDAP_DEBUG to be un#defined, but:
>1) libldap/ldap-int.h #defines a non-empty Debug() unconditionally.
>2) If NEW_LOGGING is #defined (I expect that will be the default
>   eventually?), include/ldap_log.h unconditionally #defines LDAP_LOG()
>   to be non-empty.
>3) libldap/os-ip.c and libldap/os-local.c #define their own osip_debug()
>   and oslocal_debug() unconditionally.
>4) portable.h always #defines LDAP_DEBUG if LDAP_VENDOR_VERSION == 0, so
>   CVS version can't be tested without debugging.
>I'd like to make (1)-(3) conditional on LDAP_DEBUG, and to remove (4).
>--enable-debug is on by default, so CVS versions will normally be tested
>with debugging anyway.  OK?
>Or maybe some of this should be conditional on LDAP_DEBUG || LDAP_SYSLOG.
>I need to see what the debugging code does to find out.
>BTW, Debug() in include/ldap_log.h is defined to do nothing if
>!LDAP_DEBUG, even if LDAP_SYSLOG is defined.  Is that intentional, or
>should it be fixed?