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Breaking lines in LDIF output

Hi *, 

In investigating Debian bug #162192 (http://bugs.debian.org/162192) I
noticed the following define in include/ldif.h:

#define LDIF_LINE_WIDTH      76      /* maximum length of LDIF lines */

This is only used in libraries/libldif/line64.c which in fact uses this
to break lines in ldif files. 

Interestingly in reading rfc 2849 I found no mention of this limit
apart from this quote:

      10) When an attrval-spec, distinguishedName, or rdn is base64-
          encoded, the encoding rules specified in [5] are used with the
          following exceptions:  a) The requirement that base64 output
          streams must be represented as lines of no more than 76
          characters is removed. Lines in LDIF files may only be folded
          according to the folding rules described in note 2, above. 

So I think that while folding is allowed (according to note 2 even at
any column) it is not required. If you use ldapsearch in scripts you
need to support unfolding lines with the current implementation. I
wonder if it would be possible to add an option to ldapsearch to control



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