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Bugfix: ldap_result() fails on large results


Finaly I found the bug but need some more information from you guys to
solve the problem the right way:

1. Format of incoming data
The code of ber_get_next() doesn't give me enough information about the
format of the incoming data. I'm sure you can tell me in which chapter
of which RFC I can find the information necessary - otherwise I have to
search all through myself :-(

2. Reading performance
There is a significant change in how the data from the socket is read
between the two versions and of liblber/io.c. In only as much data is read as needed and in as much
data as possible is read.
Why did you change the way of reading and what's the advantage of the
new solution?

Ah yeah, by the way. The bug is, that, if the data length could not be
read because there is not enougth data available, just LBER_DEFAULT is
returned  without setting errno either to EWOULDBLOCK or EAGAIN.