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RE: Want "deref=" in Statslog for searches

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> May I add "deref=%d" to the Statslog() output for search operations in
> slapd/search.c?  The format would be
>   conn=%lu op=%lu SRCH base="%s" scope=%d deref=%d filter="%s"

I'm sure we never promised a particular format for log messages, but I know
there's folks out there parsing these things. Dunno how much that matters.

> I'd need to add yet another argument to the Statslog() macro.
> Or maybe I should split it in two macros: Statslog3() with 3 arguments
> and Statslog6() with 6 arguments?  Most calls only need 2-3 arguments.

That may be the right way to go. In this particular case, I'd suggest just
throwing the additional text into abuf:

sprintf(abuf, "scope=%d, deref=%d", op->ors_scope, op->ors_deref);
	"conn=%lu op=%lu SRCH base=\"%s\" %s filter=\"%s\"\n",
	op->o_connid, op->o_opid, op->o_req_dn.bv_val, abuf,
	op->ors_filterstr.bv_val );

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