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I set up 100000 entry DBs using bdb & openldap software for both indexed

& non indexed organisations but I got no significant improvements in
search times.
I am curious whether I am setting up my indexes correctly-
I mention a line in my slapd conf file like
 >   index cn eq
and then start my slapd server using this file. After this I simply
my DB using perl script using the Net::LDAP package with 100000 records.

Am I missing some step in between that sets up indexes?

Also, I would like to know whether ldap-v3 has any suppport for the

1. Optimizing searches through using "slave slapd servers" that only
handle searches:   ( I tried running 2 independent servers connected to
same DB with one handling search and the other handling insertion- but
the search server had no access to the insert server`s caches and so the

sceme failed. )

2.  Enhanced support for hierarchical searching : (using v2 software , I
no particular search time improvement between indexed & non indexed

With Regards
Anurag Tiwari