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Re: Referrals from non-search operations

At 10:29 AM 2002-06-21, Dave Steck wrote:
>It appears there's no way for a client to obtain referrals from a
>synchronous non-search operation.
>ie. Suppose you set the LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS flag off, do a
>ldap_delete_ext_s(), and get a referral error back.  You can obtain the
>matched dn and server error message with ldap_get_option, but not the
>list of referrals.  (For asynch operations, you can get referrals with

This is flaw in the API design.  Like ldap_search_ext_s(),
the message chain (e.g., the response) should be returned.
(No only so you can get at referrals, but intermediate
responses which might be returned (due to a control which
solicits them)).  Another thing to consider during a redesign...

>It seems an obvious way to do this would be to store the referrals in
>the ld structure and provide an option for ldap_get_option as is done
>with matched dn and error message.  Has anyone run into this need or am
>I missing the boat somewhere?

This is likely the best thing to do.  Feel free to code it.