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Re: OpenLDAP TODO List

Hi Kurt and others,

First, thanks for the very good job done with OpenLDAP. Here, at
Virtual Net, we are using it an we love it !

What really make the difference with others LDAP servers is the
backend architecture that let you plug OpenLDAP onto your already
existing data containers. (By the way, anyone had already think about
a NIS backend ?)

Le Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 06:37:39PM -0700, Kurt D. Zeilenga a écrit :
> This is a list of projects that need getting done.  They are defined
> by scale of the effort as opposed to priority.  Contribute to
> projects based upon your personal priorities.

Yes ! I want to contribute be return back to the community.

>     Update manual pages

I can do that. Actually I have already done a part of this job because
I needed to have documentation for the OpenLDAP Webmin module I wrote.
The only place for having full documentation for slapd.conf was the
source ;o)

(By the way, I hope to release soon a new version of this module with
full support for nearly all parameters in slapd.conf, even those that
are not documented in man pages.)

> Implement localization

Since I am French, I am interested in doing that.

Let me know what part you would prefer me to work on and any idea,
suggestion and thoughs you may already had about how to do the work.

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