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Re: Hi All !

Please note that this list is for discussing the development
of OpenLDAP Software.  Questions regarding the use of OpenLDAP
Software should be taken to the openldap-software list.  Your
question appears specific to particular LDAP applications
developed by 3rd parties.  You likely should take your question
to forums specific to those applications.   The general
LDAP forum is <ldap@umich.edu>.


At 05:25 AM 2002-06-07, Andrew Edunov wrote:
>I have a some question for you. I use Ldap for storing User's and password's
>data. I take all data from /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow , etc. with using
>MigratoinTools. After this procedure all users work's ok, but if they use
>"ldappasswd" for changing password after that they can't log on to the
>system (wron password). Where I wrong ?
>Best regards,
>and / Andrew Edunov