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Re: external authentication in openldap

At 05:26 AM 2002-06-06, Luke Howard wrote:

>Probably the easiest thing (ie. least intrusive) to do is to write a
>SASL plugin for OpenLDAP. For this to be useful in your application
>you would probably need a way to have simple bindRequests turned into
>PLAIN SASL bindRequests -- thoughts?

Use the {SASL} userPassword scheme...

>-- Luke
>>From: "Jan Doesselmann" <doesselmann@hotmail.com>
>>Subject: external authentication in openldap
>>To: openldap-devel@OpenLDAP.org
>>Date: Thu, 06 Jun 2002 12:45:02 +0200
>>Hi ,
>>i was browsing through the mailing lists and didn't find anything usefull, 
>>so maybe someone can answer my question:
>>i am trying to set up an openldap (or netscape ldap) server , that holds the 
>>user data, but not the passwords. the authentication should actually be done 
>>by a third party, but transparent to the applications that use the ldap 
>>server to authenticate. so what i basically need is a way to maybe change 
>>the bind() routine.... i also heared something about authentication plugins 
>>for the netscape ldap (and it is not clear to me if at the end the same 
>>plugins will work in openldap ). What about a plugin api for ldap ???
>>Can someone help me ;)
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