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RE: Segmentation faults and malloc checkers

Optimization or not, this sounds suspicious to me. Pointing them out would
be a good start.

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> Subject: Segmentation faults and malloc checkers
> I'm trying to track down some intermittent segmentation faults which I'm
> seeing in 2.1.0alpha, and a recent CVS pull. These look like
> they're due to
> buffer overflows - so I'm trying to trace them using Electric Fence.
> However, some points of the slapd code try to read over the end
> of a malloc'd
> buffer, to optimize strcmp operations - electric fence traps
> this, as its a
> memory error. Would patches to fix this be appreciated (it would
> result in a
> performace hit), or is this considered to be acceptable?
> Cheers,
> Simon.
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