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changes for 2.0.24

Howard Chu wrote:
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> Subject: Re: bugfix disposition
>> ITS#910 - filed against 2.0.7 and left Suspended. Seems this code hasn't
>> ever changed, but the bug itself is pretty unlikely in the first place.
>>        liblber/sockbuf.c
> A fix for this is needed.
>hyc< This is pretty surprising to me. The submitted patch looks fine, but I
>hyc< was unable to reproduce any failure on Linux. Perhaps I need to use a
>hyc< larger group, but the one I used was already 26K in size. I suppose an
>hyc< entry with a jpeg file or somesuch would do just as well.

I haven't tried, but:  Did you use Cyrus sasl?  ber_pvt_sb_do_write()
is only used in libldap/cyrus.c:sb_sasl_write().