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RE: deprecated functions in ldap.h

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> I'm working on some documentation, and just trying to figure
> about the api.
> I did a grep for 'deprecated' in ldap.h and found about 50 functions.
> Most of those functions aren't deprecated in the ldapext-ldap-c-api-04
> draft.  Actually this document list 11 functions as deprecated
>     ldap_bind()
>     ldap_bind_s()

use ldap_simple_bind or ldap_sasl_bind instead.

>     ldap_kerberos_bind() and ldap_kerberos_bind_s()

Use ldap_sasl_bind and Kerberos 5. Kerberos 4 is dead, has many known
vulnerabilities anyway, which is why there is Kerberos 5 in the first

>     ldap_modrdn() and ldap_modrdn2()
>     ldap_modrdn_s() and ldap_modrdn2_s()

use ldap_rename

>     ldap_open()

use ldap_init or ldap_initialize

>     ldap_perror()


>     ldap_result2error()

> Some deprecated functions, like ldap_get_values(), I can't find a
> replacement function for.

uses struct berval's instead of char *'s...
> Any insight?
> --Kervin

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