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SASL 2.1.2 GSSAPI and EXTERNAL clients broken

Found another problem with our migration from 1.5 to 2.1; neither the GSSAPI
nor EXTERNAL client mechanisms work. (My previous testing against SASL 2 in
the OpenLDAP server was using a client linked with 1.5.27.) The problem is
that the canon_user function complains about the userid and authid being
NULL. Since both of these mechanisms get their username/credentials from
some other source, (X.509 certificate or Kerberos ticket) they're never set
within the SASL context. The 1.5 client mechanisms never cared. Is this a
bug in the LDAP client library because it never bothered to set these values
before, or is it a bug in the SASL client mechanisms (because they ought to
be fetching the names from their respective cert or ticket)?

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