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Re: Querying ldap

I'm not sure what "the ole db provider" is, but it
doesn't appear to be OpenLDAP software.  As this
list is for discussing the development of OpenLDAP
Software, please direct your post to a forum
specific to "the ole db provider".  Thanks, Kurt

At 04:25 AM 2002-04-17, Civita, Luigi wrote:
>I am trying to query my ldap using the ole db provider.
>I need to obtain all the users of a group.
>I use the following query:
>szSql="select uniqueMember from 'LDAP://servername:389/cn=groups,dc=intesasgr,dc=it' where objectClass='*' and cn='pfp'" 
>where pfp is a defined group.
>I always obtain one row, even the group contains more rows.
>Where am I wrong?
>I thank you in advance for your replay.
>         Gino