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Re: Should slurpd as a separate process?

Quoting Ganesan R <rganesan-ldap@myrealbox.com>:

> 2. Multiple OpenLDAP instances on a single box; since the replica
>    information is now in LDAP and not a conf file, slurpd needs to know the
>    slapd port. Workaround is to add a "slapdport" in the conf file or a
>    command line option to slurpd.

Not sure what you mean, but could this be it?

----- s n i p -----
replica                 host=localhost:3030
----- s n i p -----

I run two instances of OpenLDAP on the same machine. One (listening on
default ports) is the main server, and one listening on port 3030 which
is the fallback/backup...